Monday Motivation


So it’s Monday, a whole 5 full working days until the weekend (If you don’t work shifts that is!), anyone have anything they do on a Monday to make it that bit better?

I’m sure I’m not the only one to say this but I really dislike Monday :stuck_out_tongue:

Monday is my new food day, try to find somewhere new to get my lunch from in town. Today I’m going on the hunt to find a new place to get a burrito from that beats my current fav place…

Any tips to help make today into a good day?

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #2

Coffee. Lots of coffee.


I got a free coffee from Greggs today, the app flashed up with free voucher!

(Jack) #4

Wish I’d known about that 5 mins earlier :roll_eyes: . Just picked up a breakfast from there.

I normally get on well with Mondays, maybe I’m a morning person :stuck_out_tongue: (don’t kill me).
But if I’m having a down day during the week in work I’ll often go find comfort in picking up a breakfast roll or wrap from somewhere to take into the office :slight_smile:

(Nick Slade) #5

Circuit training. Hell to some but I’ve booked onto a double session this evening and cannot wait :muscle:

(Jack) #6

This is a good point, I also often find the gym can put me in a better mood.

(Change Works) #7

If you use the app to pay, they deduct your free coffee automatically

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #8

I actually take Monday as my rest day from the gym simply because it’s so busy with all the “Monday” folk!!! Although I do miss taking part in international chest day so might have to go along tonight!

(Jack) #9

I must get the app then, that seems easy.

(Emily) #10

@dannytc Let us know how the burrito hunt goes! :burrito:

I’m one of those people who becomes obsessed with a song. I’ll play it on a loop until I can’t hear it anymore. So Mondays are usually spent choosing the song of the week. It’s naturally a pretty good day because I’m yet to exhaust the song.


I ended up with a nacho box instead! Lots of chilli!!

If you need a new song to get stuck in your head… Au/Ra & CamelPhat - Panic Room … Already annoyed the team by singing the hook line over and over! :smiley:

(Jack) #12

Why can’t my town have cool places to get food like this #unfair :unamused:


… places that sell food like this…

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #14

I’ve got chicken and pasta :confused:

(Jack) #15

Now that’s just teasing! Surely that’s breaking some community guidelines right there :no_good_man::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Jack) #16

Salad for me today but I made a really boring one for some reason :man_shrugging:

Chicken and pasta sounds 100% better right now…


Face aint bothered, but my belly is loving this food!

(Liam W) #18

As it’s currently the large gap between semesters, my Monday’s are currently spent sleeping until midday…

However, I do get quite a bit done during the night (and by quite a bit, I generally mean reading and catching up on TBBT season 11).

I’m going to be dead when I start uni again - hopefully I won’t have any early sessions :frowning:



I used to quiet like you… but not too sure now, lucky guy!

(Liam W) #20

Heh, don’t be too jealous. My grandmother is a pain and silently judges me if I wake up too late… so I’m generally up by 10:30.

I’m only getting up late now because I’m at my Mum’s, and she doesn’t care what time I get up (and I have to share a room, so I always to go bed super late to make sure my brother is definitely asleep).