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I’m working from home today (i.e. watching TV and sending one email per hour), and have just seen an advert on the TV for the Battleship Bismarck model kit (first issue £1.99!), which reminded me of my youth assembling Airfix models. I’ll admit, I’m intrigued (and slightly wistful as I remember my childhood constantly getting model parts glued to my arms, the table, the cat, etc).

I thought I’d have a look at the website to see what the overall cost would be, thinking you’d need maybe 20 issues for a full model? Nope, 140 issues. First issue £1.99, second £5.99, subsequent £8.99. That means you would spend £1,248.60 over 2 and a half years!! A quick Google and I find another Bismarck kit for £65.00 at Hobbycraft.

How can they get away with that kind of rip-off? I mean, you don’t get any accompanying magazines, but still… I’m gobsmacked. I wonder what the sign-up numbers are?

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Incredibly low, because most people recognise these things as being horrible value for money.

But they don’t need a huge number of foolspeople to lock in a subscription in order to make a profit.

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Thank you, I’m here all week, try the veal!


The market for then is direct subscription now. WH Smiths won’t sell more than the first issue or so. Often not even that - because people will subscribe direct, there’s almost nothing in it for them any more.

(Possibly other Smiths may differ, but this i know is true of the two branches I’m familiar with.)

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I’ve got a cupboard full of imported garage kits and Gunpla (the HGAC Oz suits are long overdue), but I don’t see the appeal of these subscription kits.

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I have unbuilt Gunpla that must be 15 years old or more. Not sure if I binned my excess gachapon or if I still have that too. :grimacing: