Mobile networks

I think this is what a lot of people don’t take into account.

If I were to compare Three and EE’s network simply based on where I see a 4G/5G signal on my phone, I’d say they’re identical.

If I were to compare Three and EE’s network based on where the data connection is actually usable, it’s a whole different story with EE being miles ahead.

I’d also say having spent years on Three basically since my first smartphone and thinking it was decent, I had no idea how much better everyone else was having it.


can’t decide between Vodafone and O2 as they provide coverage in all the places I go.

On EE atm but they dont have terrible coverage in one or two (that are not far from Southend) I regularly go and when I spoke to them about it they were less than helpful!

Basically said if its that much of issue to leave!

Pick the one which offers best value in that case. Don’t forget to check their respective MVNOs.

If coverage is patchy where you are there’s not a whole lot they can help with.

Lebara runs off Vodafone’s network. Seems relatively cheap although I’ve never used it.

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I do hope that speeds improve if this merger goes through. I tried Three in Leeds and Vodafone, both awful

Since the Vodafone 3G switch off, you’re handed down to 2G in those places as they have not upgraded to 4G in all locations.

O2 has always been good for me. Usually get a cheap deal on uswitch.


What’s O2 data connectivity and speed like? Heard it’s rubbish? lol

Subjective on area, sometimes it’s the best (very rare), usually it’s competing with Three for the worst option, if your in the West it’s almost definitely not an option


You need to know what it’s like for YOU. Get a cheap PAYG SIM and test it out.


100% this. Grab a giffgaff sim, a cheap lebara deal, a smarty sim and a Spusu sim if you’ve esim.

O2, Vodafone, Three and EE respectively.


Normally, our devise a Lyca mobile Sim Testing EE But given the less than Stella track record with data leaks and the aftermath of a data leak, I do not recommend them anymore

Behold breaching your data 5G doesn’t even work at the moment, spusu is pretty good incl customer service though


Lyca? It does.

It stopped working for loads of people. It wouldn’t connect with my most recent Lyca purchase.

I didn’t realise. I’ve got two SIMs working happily (if you don’t count my bank account getting bumped for 20 quid).

Edit: quick Google. See it now. Luckily not affected.

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What phone do you have them connected with?

Wrexham is plagued with EE 5G, and the mast is literally outside my flat window, and it refuses to connect to 5G.

Two iPhone 13’s. We’ve got pretty good signal around here, west coast of Scotland.

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Someone in the isp site said 5G had slowly been coming back.

I’ll try it again while out and about tomorrow. Did notice the ping had dropped to double figures not triple :smiling_face_with_tear:


At least the transactions are on brand for me :sweat_smile: