Mobile networks

Ended up keeping Voxi for now but got a Spusu SIM as a backup/test for £1 for first 3 months. Seems quite good for now, but can definitely tell they are an Austrian company.

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Think this is the highest download speed that I’ve ever seen on EE - 830mbs. Don’t know why it says O2, though.


That’s the whole O2 bandwidth in one test.


A few years back, but Three just beats that.


Interesting, I have never had an issue with Three/Smarty.

The fastest 5G speed I have got with them:


What does everyone use when they go abroad?

I’m visiting East Asia later this year and was wondering whether I could get an eSIM relatively cheap to roam with.

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You should get a local SIM :slight_smile:

Three payg sims come with roam like home, can convert to esim within the app.


Auditors were unable to sign off the accounts of telecoms company Lycamobile UK, putting further pressure on the former Conservative party donor which is also embroiled in a dispute with HM Revenue & Customs. PKF Littlejohn said it had “not been able to obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence to provide a basis for an audit opinion” for the company’s financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2022, according to filings from Companies House, including over the recoverability of a due balance of almost £150mn.

The revelation follows the conviction of Lycamobile’s French entities of money laundering and VAT fraud last year, which prompted calls for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to return donations.


I just use my home network. Currently O2 so it is part of my plan.

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So random question. After (not) much deliberation followed by a decent deal through work, I’m switching from O2 to EE.

Did the whole purchasing of a SIM only contract, selected eSIM, have it on my phone but… no number. I’ve got confirmation emails from EE and the data seems to be working fine, but I have no number. Even on the eSIM it was all 000000’s.

I can’t register for EE without the number so I’m stumped.

EDIT: Ignore me, texting “Number” to 150 appears to give it. I still can’t edit the number showing in “My Number” in the eSIM settings though.


Is this the number showing in Phone settings? I don’t have a My Number in the actual eSIM settings (iPhone 15 PM on EE).

I don’t think that I’ve ever been able to edit that myself - it appears to be updated OTA. A reboot has fixed it for me in the past.

It’s this part:

I’ve reset a few times. It’s no big issue I guess.

It’s my first ever eSIM to be fair. But I’m already actually able to stream music with zero lag or buffering on the tube home from work and it’s magical; I regret moving to O2 so much!


Ah - mine looks totally different but I’m on iOS 17 and only have one SIM.

I did too when I was chasing the cheapest deal a few years ago. I was soon back with EE :slight_smile:

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I don’t get all the hate for o2 as we have genuinely not had a problem with either of our phone since we moved last year and my work phone is on EE and the signal/reception on that isn’t any better. And no messing around with roaming packages when we are on holiday either as it just works

I’ve tried all the networks and Three was the fastest when I could get a signal and Vodafone was by far the worst.

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Well everyone’s experience varies with networks, but the fact there is “all” the hate for O2 means you might be in the minority.

My “hate” for O2 comes from having 4G showing on my way to work and waiting literally 30-40 seconds between songs or podcasts to load. And I’d never be able to do that and open up a browser page to do something. Since that’s the bulk of my network usage it grinds me every single day.


I find O2 can be terrible in London, but it’s good elsewhere in the south east in general. Go to the south west of the country or south Wales and good luck…


This is what a lot of people forget. Since my first smartphone (iPhone 3G) I’ve been with O2, EE, and Three (currently Smarty) and have had very few issues with any of the networks.

It all depends on how you need to use the network and especially on where you need it to work well (moving 100 yards can make a huge difference to network availability and performance).

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Vodafone and O2 had an agreement for sharing LTE/4G when they were deploying it, VF manages the West and O2 the East

VF has started investing in their network in the East, while O2 isn’t investing at all in the West. There are some areas in the West eg East Grinstead, where you cannot load a webpage on O2 most times of day, or send a WhatsApp message

From my few weeks spent in London, I found O2 would drop to 3G frequently but I never found an area where EE failed, sure it was sluggish indoors quite often, but never failing like O2

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Unfortunately I live in an area where O2 and Vodafone are practically non-existent now. Three are pretty good first thing in the morning and late at night but, even with full signal, it’s impossible to use during the day due to oversubscribing. So EE it has to be.