Missing Revolut icon in payee details, yet shown elsewhere, but old


Small revolut icon missing in payee details

Details to reproduce:

Tap payments, tap on a payee, scroll to make a bank transfer and see if they have a revokut account with a sort code 04-00-75. Observe that icon for Revokut is missing, and beneric blue bank icon is used.

Note that if on home screen, pull down, add another account, Revokut has a small square icon of letter β€œR”, and I hope it is the same size as the ones used in payee screen.

Please use that icon in payee screen.

Note I think they updated their logo recently from Gradient to solid colour R. Maybe worth updating the logo?

Android 12


App Version:


Payee screen

Add connected account

Revokut app recent logo

Revokut twitter logo URL

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Same behaviour here.

Of note… you can change the image of a payee (Payees β†’ select payee β†’ Edit) but if that payee has several bank accounts under it, then certain banks have the generic icon - Revolut, Coinbase, Hyperjar, etc. - but if you make them a single, top-level Payee then you can put whatever image you want as the image used.