Missing Chat?

(Chris Richards) #1

With the latest Android update, I seem to have lost Chat off the menu. Has it moved somewhere and I’ve just failed to find it? (Nexus 7 2013 running Android 6.0.1)

(Gareth) #2

Have you had a look in the Help section?
Orange text - I still need help - should go to chat (I believe)


Scroll down in the help section to find this.

(Chris Richards) #4

Got it, thanks.

From a UI design point of view it might be better for something as important as this to not require the user to have to scroll, or at least some indication that not all the content is visible.

(Gareth) #5

The design is probably so people don’t default to asking chat for issues that don’t need chat, and using the search (or opening any help topic) does show a prompt for further assistance using chat.

If they’re super clever, the buttons in the help topics might even let the adviser know why you need to chat (I don’t know if this the case or not).

No chat link in client?