Milk deliveries 🥛

Mines 3 days a week, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Last night’s came at 1am, I was still awake when I got an email saying the cheese was out of stock. I did have to squeeze the glass bottles in today, doubled up on milkshakes :drooling_face:

The thing is, I buy from co-op, or cravendale usually and they also pay farmers fairly. The milk is a little more expensive than tescos regular or something, but it’s not that much. My parent’s local milkman is 50p / pint which is reasonable. When I looked at milk & more it’s £1.20 a pint. That’s absurd, and a luxury I just can’t afford.


You have a counter how many plastic bottles have been saved from landfill.


Now this thread made me want to give this a go. But can’t really find what areas Modern Milkman covers. Unless it’s nationwide?

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I don’t know why the refill place I get most stuff from doesn’t do milk. Possibly the vegan vibe I guess although they have butter.

I know there’s milk refills popping up in some areas. More of those would be nice.

Just a thought. Might be good to double check there isn’t a local milkman you’ve missed available before going to a National company? My parents found out theirs didn’t usually stop in their village, they only found out about him because he was getting his milk from the farm next door!

occasionally the farmer slips them a pint of raw milk. They probably shouldn’t tbh, but man that stuff is delicious.

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It’s kind of a bit sporadic but covers a wide area,I think when I signed up, there’s a postcode checker which will let you know.

Check this link for a general map area, not sure how up to date it is. That’s a link from the oat milk producer. But double check the actual websites they should check and tell you.

We get 2 pints delivered a Monday and Thursday.

McQueens Dairies I think it is.

£4.20 a week / £16.80 a month on milk seems expensive though :upside_down_face:

Haven’t engaged to consider having other bits delivered. Probably should take a look for more basics.


That’s the problem, supermarkets have conditioned people to think it should be cheap, this gets customers through the door,.


This is my receipt for next week, so people can see a comparison against supermarkets etc

I picked up two pints from Sainsbury’s for £1.30 last week.

Which would be £1.60 saving a week but I know we would forget to get some regularly so it’s more convenient to just have it delivered.

You use a lot of eggs :sweat_smile:


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: 3 a day during the week, weekends I don’t usually as I’m at a different job at the weekends, where I have to be on site. Monday to Friday I can fire up the frying pan for a bit of scrambled :raised_hands::rofl:

I don’t think my stomach would hack so much :rofl:


Nice plain food I’m fine with :rofl: tend to stick to same breakfast and lunches. Keep it simple and all that, the sourdough loaf lasts me the week, just toast a wedge for the eggs.

Interesting - it’s actually not that much more than a ‘regular’ supermarket shop.

Just looking through your receipt - is there a minimum spend per day there? Just wondering why you had a 40p delivery fee on Thurs and Saturday but not on Monday?

Comparing it to Morrisons - buying that from them in the supermarket wouldn’t actually be that much cheaper - I’ve worked it out as roughly £13.68. That, however is based on 2 litres of Morrisons own brand oat milk instead of 3 pts of Oat Drink from your milkman. 2 litres is actually 3 and a half pints.

I can’t tell what size of the milkshakes are that you’ve ordered, so I’ve assumed ‘Friji’ milkshakes which are 400ml (about 2/3rd of a pint).

Also, Morrisons are rationing eggs at the moment - only 2 boxes per order.

You’ve also got the issue with Morrisons (and most other supermarkets) that they have a minimum spend (at Morrisons it’s £25) and they also charge a delivery fee.

For the convenience of getting this delivered 3 times a week regularly for such a small amount of groceries and it’s fairly comparable with prices at the supermarket, that’s a pretty good setup.

FWIW, I’ve just checked on Milk and More to see how much your regular orders would be there each week - and they’re much more expensive than whatever milk service you’re using. It’s £20.65 for that lot in total for the week.


There’s no minimum spend with them, however they do charge a delivery fee if your order doesn’t hit a certain amount. So £6 or over is free delivery, there’s 2 other price brackets below this which I can’t recall, I believe one attracts a £0.60 fee and the other £0.40. I just can’t recall the values which trigger that as my orders obscure what they are.

Milkshakes are pint bottles an all

Edit - I forgot to add you can make changes to your order up to 8pm the day before the delivery is due, handy for if you need something additional. They just bill your card again for anything extra.

You can also add one off items, so for instance I ordered a block of butter for today’s delivery. I’ve not put that on repeat delivery as I couldn’t work my way through a block a week :rofl:

Another edit - it was bugging me looking for the delivery fees notification. It’s at the very end if the receipt, I’d not scrolled down enough

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@DaveJ interesting different prices for products and delivery fees.

They have increased the range of products in last 6 months as well.
Lots of festive goodies on offer.

I will just add we have been customers from the very start as the founders are from our area.

They don’t get it right all the time. This morning they left our empties :frowning: - maybe 6 bottles by next delivery

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