Migrating our monorepo seamlessly from Dep to Go Modules

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m Tom and I’m a Backend Engineer here at Monzo and I’ve taken some time to write a blog about migrating from Dep to Go Modules.

We worked to make sure that we made this big change in a smooth and risk free way. So in the blog I’ve wanted to make sure I detailed the work that went in to do this and the tools we’ve created as part of the process.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for letting me share here :blush:

P.S. We’ve been loving the requests you have all been making in the Request a Blog topic. Please keep them coming


Why didn’t you just use go modules in the first place? :thinking:

Welcome to the community btw!


Hey Tom, Go modules didn’t exist when we started using Dep in Jan 2018, and before that we were using gvt. We’ve been managing third party deps since 2015, so we were always going to have to switch to Go modules. We just held off until we had a safe way to do it.


Interesting! Thanks for answering.