Monzo API alternatives for 'Move to Pot'?

Hey guys!
So I’m currently building an app which I intend to release. I am hoping to plug in directly with a few banks: Monzo and Starling being two of them. As they are probably the ones my audience are using (and are easy to implement!).
I’ve got it up and running using the current Monzo API but understand it will not let me distribute this. Having had a look, this has been the case for 4 years. This is quite frustrating seeing that rivals like Starling have implemented theirs!

What I would need would be the ‘Move to Pot’ feature. Would this be possible with something like Truelayer? I haven’t figured out any way of interacting with Pots in the same straightforward way. As it would need its whole IBAN and suddenly I’m making transactions, which is overkill for my app.
Any ideas?

Edit: Not to be cheeky or anything, but what does ‘no production’ mean? Does it mean they block more than one account per client_id? Does it mean they can kill it at any time? Is it against the TOS?
If its ‘use at your own risk’, I’d be okay with that as my usage of the API would be quite light. What’s the thought here?

Move to pots is possible using the API,

Pots don’t have their own number and sort code anyway.

As for usage there definitely seem to be companies using in prod like flux and another project I know of, it’s probably best to get in contact with monzo in app or hopefully staff reply here but it’s unlikely.

I mean IFTTT have it in production with many many users…