Microsoft Surface Duo (Android Phone from Microsoft! :android:)

Well this was unexpected. But Microsoft obviously know from the failure of Windows Phone that mobile is a two-horse race. I wonder if they’ll commit to really marketing this thing.

Looks more like an alternative for a netbook than a phone.

Having to open it to use it seems awkward. And would you get a case that protects it properly?

I use a phone with one hand, so to use this I would have to flip it all the way through to back-to-back. At which point, I’d be deeply concerned at f*@!ing up the screen on the reverse. So for me, it wouldn’t be suitable as an everyday phone.

That said, I do have a Chromebook, which I use when I travel. Even that feels a bit bulky sometimes. So if this could be used like a Chromebook, that’s the only use-case I could see it working for me. But having a second screen rather than a physical keyboard… that’s a big compromise to make.

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A mini surface that does calls… that could be a winner in its field.

I guess the only question is would it replace everyone’s iPhones that might ever consider a device like this? I’m not sure. But maybe .