Metal premium card separating from the plastic back bit

I’m sorry if this is a similar post to others, I did have a look first!

I’ve got a metal premium monzo card. I noticed a few days ago that the metal card is starting to separate from the plastic layer (which is the bit with the card numbers and magstripe). The corners of the plastic layer are starting to lift away from the metal.

The card still works, and being in my wallet most of the time means the two layers are pressed together. But I wonder if it will eventually come apart.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Mines remained intact though only had it 6 months and mostly use Apple Pay.

If you reach out via chat to discuss this they will let you know what they can do to support (if anything).


It doesn’t need to be replaced right now, so really am just curious to see if it just mine or others are doing the same.

I haven’t had this issue and I’ve had my card about 18 months BUT I have only used it once in that whole time.


Hey @microbear :wave:

This was an issue we were aware of in the past and we reported this to the manufacturer to try and get this fixed as there appeared to be a small defect in a small batch of cards that lead to the plastic separating.

It doesn’t impact the functionality of the card at all but if you would like a replacement please reach out to us in chat and we will be able to replace it for free for you.

If possible if you could attach photos of the separation so that we can complain to the card manufacturer to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Thank you for letting us know and I’m sorry that your card is peeling slightly.



this took a long time to reply to, sorry! pictures of the card here…


So… my card has now stopped working (for contactless anyway). Support have ordered replacement cards for me twice that have not showed up and I have to explain the whole thing again when I speak to someone. It’s a joke. Pretty sure I’m going to go back to the free account.

Are you tapping on the contactless logo and on the back of the card? Not the front as that won’t work well.

Umm, no… I’m not an idiot. The problem is the card is broken. Patronising.


My card stopped working contactless when I put it in the Apple MagSafe wallet. Turns out the magnet fried it. I had a replacement sent out

With the metal cards, you need to tap on back of the card, and nearby the logo to ensure it works every time.

Wasn’t meant to come across patronising by any means.

I think we should move this from this thread first @AlanDoe because it’s irrelevant to the plastic and metal separating. @Carlo1460

Then I think it should be Locked as OP is not going to get any more answers here. Op needs to reach out to staff via the app


I’ve already done that… what do you do if that doesn’t help?! That is why I came here in the first place

Contact Monzo in the app and ask for a replacement card. We’re all customers on the community.

It may or may not be what you want to hear, but my advice would be to find a bank that treats you like a valued customer.

I mean Monzo is the top for customer service with starling on the which best bank list

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