Force latest activity home screen on mobile

Hi Team :wave:

I quite often access the community from both my desktop (at work) and from my smartphone.

When I access the community on my smartphone I nearly always head straight to the latest activity thread. instead of looking at the categories page.

Discourse offers a component which allows you to default the home screen on mobile devices to the latest activity thread without affecting the desktop layout.

If others feel the same, could you consider implementing this component?

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I use both iPhone/iPad and Mac as well, but I’ve simply got the “latest thread” set as my bookmark in Safari.

So when I tap on “Monzo Forum”, it brings me straight to the latest threads.

I never (rarely) access the forum from the Discourse app (which is only installed for notifications).

Unless I’ve misunderstood, you can already do this :slight_smile:

Head to:"your_username_here"/preferences/interface

And change the “Default Home Page” :grin: You may need to do this on all the devices you visit the forum on (aka, I don’t think this is a global setting) but I’m always taken to “Latest” when I visit :yum: no need for bookmarking :wink:



I set my preferences to do this by default, so if I click on the logo at the top I see the Latest tab rather than categories.

It’s quicker to hit the bookmark icon than type it in :wink:

By about 0.5 seconds :joy:

Itis a global setting. I prefer the category / latest view on desktop, but on mobile it only overs the category view by default rather than the latest.

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I use the discourse app.

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Same here @KyleRisi always opens to latest for me but for :monzo: I always have to go from Categories to Latest manually.