Rename default categories


I’m a Monzo Plustomer and I’d like to suggest the option to rename/re-icon the default Monzo categories.

For example, the family category uses a symbol of a house. I’d like to use that as a household (I live alone) category so I’d like to rename it to ‘Home’.


I don’t think they’ll let you mess with core categories.

Transactions are automatically put in them and they’ll be your fallback ones when you stop paying for Plus.

I use the house icon for a home improvements category so you can use an icon more than once. In terms of visibility with the latest update that now splits custom and default categories it should now be a lot clearer to see which to use too.

What do you use :face_vomiting: for? :rofl:

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Did you steal that screenshot from @Alexferrigno? Or are you the same person and just did an oopsie?! :see_no_evil:

Let the conspiracy theories begin! :joy:

I’m too, curious as the the :face_vomiting: emoji tied to what looks to be a Monzo custom category interpretation for the iTunes icon! :thinking:

Haha I “borrowed” it from them :wink: My own is in the android teardown topic now :sweat_smile: