Create a TripAdvisor review from a note on an "Eating Out" transaction

For lunch I found an awesome Italian restaurant. I paid with Monzo. I added a note to the transaction to remind myself of the restaurant, what I liked about it and what I ate. Yup, I’m pretty cool. I also left a review on TripAdvisor.

What do you think of connecting to TripAdvisor?

Perhaps a “Add notes as a review on TripAdvisor” link exists for “Eating Out” transactions. This automagically starts a review for the venue in question and auto populates part of the review with the Monzo note.

God no. Please keep essential life apps (banking) away from optional social networking/user forums (review sites)

I don’t want a connection between my banking and lifestyle apps. What would be achieved on the banking side of things by linking the two?


I wouldn’t want this in my Monzo, I’m like @j06, so banking is banking. :triumph:

I can see how it would make life easier for many users. Transaction will appear in app at all times, just at the top, so providing link to Tripadvisor (or other stuff) could save some time if many details would be populated ahead. Bill was paid, user is finishing the drink and bam, 3 star review is added :smiling_imp: , I see this flow, seems nice. I’m not sure if tripadvisor support this type of integration in the first place. :thinking:

Make it a toggle in settings. Users who want this or similar addon can enable it, rest will continue to have clean Monzo. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite opinionated what I want and don’t want to see in Monzo, but I just try be objective enough to see how others might like something, even when I find it meh. Toggle seems like only solution that will not restrict Monzo from adding cool stuff, we can probably find many integrations like this that can potentially polarise users. In many cases we have to trust Monzo to make design choice (and love it or learn to love it!), but many will be very in the middle - between wanted clutter and unwanted crap. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, my expectations right now are around ‘GIMMIE MY CURRENT ACCOUNT FINALLY’ (hype is here, allright), I wouldn’t expect Monzo to put much consideration into any non-essential ideas. It’s good to have them put out there, so thanks for sharing! :smiley:

As we now know Monzo are keen not to create features that some users will want to disable.

But there might be another way to build this functionality…the user could enable the integration from Monzo’s marketplace for the app. Then when they triggered the integration (by adding a specific emoji to their note, for example) the notes would automatically create the review. IFTTT enables users to create triggers like that for example -

Hopefully that sort of integration will enable users to add functionality to the app that other users won’t want…it does seem like quiet a specific use case to me too…


breathes a sigh of relief :wink: