Merchant page - spend over time period

(Chris Roberts) #1

On the individual merchant pages, there’s currently a breakdown for the merchant with number of payments, average payment and total spent. As the age of our accounts are slowly increasing, the total spend will start to become less useful and it might be worth adding an additional option there - I’m thinking total spend this year to date, because it would be a useful metric to know how much of our annual salary we’ve spent at a specific merchant.

Definitely keep the overall spend though - some people might need the shock of seeing that they’ve spent over £5000 at Starbucks over a period of five years for example! :joy:


monthly spend would be more useful than yearly…to me

(Chris Roberts) #3

Monthly would also be useful.

Maybe monthly could go into targets? If you click a category, it shows you a breakdown by merchant for that month, rather than a list of transactions maybe?

(Alex Sherwood) #4

This a great use case but that feature falls into the ‘nice to have’ category for me because you can get to it already using the search tool (iOS overview & Android overview).

When you’re viewing a transaction, tap any of the summaries for the merchant’s transaction history, then add a date filter (you have the option to choose both This Year & @anon44204028’s request This Month).

You’ll then see the sum & average of your spend & refunds at the bottom of the window.