Merchant location privacy

I made a transaction today, and a usual the merchant location was provided to me in the Monzo app. In this case the purchase was from an individual who works from his home and sells goods at various events.

So the question is, for merchants who would prefer their physical location not to be shared with customers, are there any options built in to the current payment networks system to allow them to omit a location entirely?

I believe he uses one of these, but since he sells at various locations the location shown in the Monzo app won’t ever actually match the location where the purchase was made. I wonder if anyone has considered how Monzo will handle the location of ‘roaming’ merchants?

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That is a requirement of participating as a merchant with the card schemes. If they’d prefer not to share their address, they have the option of not opting-in to accepting card payments.

In this case there is also the question of whether you want the location of where the transaction took place - perhaps to remember where you were at the time, or whether you want the registered address of the business - perhaps in case you want to follow up for some legal reason in the future.

I’d say you really want both bits of this data. Mondo are in a good position to do this also :slight_smile: The payment terminal should provide a legal registered address, and Mondo will collect your phone’s location at the same time also - currently used for detecting fraud.


If it’s mandatory then I suspect that with the rise of banks like Monzo who share the data they collect with customers, there will be a concurrent rise in home run businesses using a fake address. I know there are a number of companies which will provide you with a London address and forward mail to you for a small fee.

For businesses such as this one I think that the registered address is irrelevant to be honest. I’m more interested in where I actually was when I made the purchase.

I do think that where a business does not have a store front at their registered address, they should have the option not to share the address. But that’s not an issue for Monzo, more for the system in general.

Thanks for the reply, I’m not overly familiar with how the payment networks operate.

In a world where there is enormous amounts of chargebacks and fraud, unfortunately it is an absolute requirement to know who you’re transacting with. The payment processors are required to perform various AML/KYC checks on their customers.

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