Merchant Data Corrections

Personally ive noticed that if i submit twitter logos recently they get sorted within a day or two.

Its when i submit other requests these arent done so could be a case of when some COPs have a small amount of time theyre doing the easier ones :man_shrugging:

I think it’s not 100% but most of the time when I have used my card it has be corrected and as you mentioned it’s huge job just to re write the system from scratch.
I mean monzo is still growing and I sue with time it get better and problems will be solved.

@simonb would we be able to get an update on this as its been a while i believe?

Last thing i remember on this was that uk wise it was being ignored but the us team were beginning to look into the lack of merchant data in the us and how to possibly handle this the best way possible.

Any of this overlap? Can we expect this to be looked at or cam we just stop wasting our time caring about this all?

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I sure they do care about it as they said they growing fast they hiring new people all the time they are make it a major re do if the live chat at this time as well so they is a lot going on I sure they do care about it.

The post from @simonb that you replied to is from August 2018, though. I think everyone is just hoping for an update on the current situation.


Still unsure do doing the best any way

Another messy, incorrect physical address for a transaction that took place online. This seems to be so common now. :disappointed:


Just a few recent ones that are being neglected. It’s now a daily occurrence for me :pensive:

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Year in Monzo would be so much nicer if merchant data was improved!


I would agree with every one this could end some work I hope over this year they improve this and make it more better.

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another one
Vending machine showing as a private healthcare company

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I’ve just had a merchant logo updated from Sep 18 (I keep track of each incorrect/missing info ones :nerd_face:). There’s at least 50 more merchants I’ve submitted data corrections for after this, with another being updated Dec 19. Sooo weird!

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My twitter logo requests are getting done very quickly these days.

Its the others that are ignored :man_shrugging:

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Twitter seems to get done quickly if a) there isn’t already a logo in place, and b) the twitter handle closely matches the merchant name on the transaction.

If those two criteria aren’t met… give up all hope.


I keep sending them through. Sometimes the logo or name will be updated quite quickly, but the address/location info is rarely updated :slightly_frowning_face: I also see a few transactions from the same merchant, which are seemingly unlinked at Monzo’s end. One will be fully enriched, the other not :man_shrugging:t2:

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The problem here is that somebody has used a vending machine in a Nuffield Health club and so updated the merchant logo to reflect that.

If you submit a correction then we will do our best to get it sorted. It won’t be me today, as I’m not in but I will keep an eye out for it :pray:t3:


So it should really have been rejected then?


Possibly, but it might well be that the address which we could see was showing as Nuffield Health and so the correction made sense without the context.

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The map is correct for where the machine was but the address given is no where near where the machine was. (showing as online or vending machine would be ideal for these)

Sounds logical why it was accepted despite being incorrect. (Most likley they did not know that it was a vending machine that uses the same systems nationwide)

It’s almost like the system needs an overhaul…

Even an extra screen with a few tips on what makes for accepted/rejected suggestions, or a prompt comparing the raw merchant data with the proposed correction would surely help things a bit. And with minimal dev time.