Merchant Data Corrections

(Tom ) #1173

Seems like a poor use of COps time no?

You used to be able to submit any logo URL in app, but now it’s Twitter only.

(Rachel Raybould) #1174

The only other way is to submit it for both merchants and it will be hard for the cop to know what has gone on and why the logo needs changing that’s all. To anyone doing the reviews it will look fine.

(Nick) #1175

This is a new one… Our Power energy comes up as Burger King :joy:

I think it’s because they use World Pay with 3D Secure. The merchant string is just WWW. INTERNET GBR

It is kind of an issue for the wrong merchant to come up on the 3D Secure screen though.

[3DS] 3D Secure merchant issues
(Kieren) #1176

I’ve been submitting an update for a merchant for a week now, one with name and 2 with logo and they are still waiting… i engaged COps but they said they couldn’t see the queue, but could see they were successfully submitted!?! Long story short, even after engaging COps they are still not done - I have engaged COps again(and waiting for reply), incase the last COps was new/lacked knowledge or confidence.

(Sacha Zarb) #1177

Interesting it doesn’t pick up National Trust sites, submitted one yesterday, so we’ll see when it updates

(👨‍💻) #1178

I had my merchant data successfully changed today, having found the merchant on Twitter. Really straight forward.

10 minutes later, it’s completely disappeared. It’s returned to the default image. Crazy system.

(Adam) #1179

I had the name changed within an hour today of my local newsagent in a small town.

The big independent cinema (Tyneside) in Newcastle city centre? Nope! Despite multiple submissions to get it changed.

I don’t get how they prioritise these

(Colin Robinson) #1180

I hate the ones where it works alright for a while and then loses it and goes back to the generic icon:

(Michael) #1181

A few one character corrections to name rattled off fairly quickly this afternoon by the Cops as I worked through a few different breweries at Craft Beer Rising

Seemingly corrections fall into two camps. Done quickly or never despite attempts

(Harry Cross) #1182

Submitted an update for a small Italian cake shop and that got sorted quickly… Slovenian petrol stations are still broken though

(Michael) #1183

That would make a great specialist subject on Mastermind

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #1184

Can someone pleaseeeeeee fix Uber & Uber Eats!!!

It really can’t be that hard to keep something the same surely?

@HughWells did you not sort this last time it happened, can’t remember?

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #1185

I think there are enough of us on here using Wrisk for Monzo to know that this does not fall under Entertainment :roll_eyes:

(Colin Robinson) #1186

Changed mine to Bills first time round and it’s stuck ever since :wink:


Another month goes by, another completely different and incorrect merchant for AllPay on 3D secure…

Every month I’m told this will be fixed, yet every month it’s different and wrong again…

(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #1188

Merchant data is enriched differently for 3D Secure authorisations, so submissions using the merchant data corrections system won’t work, unfortunately.

The earlier response in this thread from Rika has more info: Merchant Data Corrections

When the transaction appears in the feed, does it have the correct information then?


Yeah it’s correct when the transaction is in the feed. This has been an issue for maybe 6 months now?

What is the actual point in 3dsecure if I’m supposed to approve transactions for merchant names I don’t recognize?

(Michael) #1190

Been in Madrid and Toledo the last few days, so been the first to a few places, though surprisingly the huge mark in Madrid seems to be one of them

Further anecdotal evidence across my updates, backing up what I saw back home, that Monzo seem to be pretty hot right now on adding merchant data where there was none, but that updates often go there to wilt on the vine

(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #1191

It’s been like that since 3DS was supported by Monzo.

You can search for the merchant name or check with them directly if you’re unsure about an authorisation.

I’d suggest splitting this out into a separate topic, so it doesn’t get conflated with issues with standard merchant enrichment.


I know the issue is probably small as most merchants are probably correct.

Approving payments for incorrect merchant names is just wrong.

I don’t mind starting another topic but previously my separate topics always get merged into this one :frowning_face: