Merchant Data Corrections


I’m waiting on logos. I’ve had some names corrected.

(Simon) #1152

Just logos and website info I submitted. No location changes.

(Rachel Raybould) #1153

I would send them in again if you’ve had the name changed and not logo just in case.

(Kieren) #1154

I’ve been trying to get a logo changed since December… every time I spoke to COps I would be told it wasnt in the queue and asked to resubmit it, so I have done so again and again - it has now finally been done after numerous attempts.

That said, I suggested a name earlier and it was changed in 15 mins. And when I’ve used twitter for suggested logos it is normally within timescale… I don’t know if it is just me, but the issue seems to be with logos provided from anywhere but Twitter.

I would love to see Monzo have an image upload option and a server hosting uploaded images for where Twitter isn’t available for a merchant. Maybe Twitter, Facebook, Merchants Website logo image, other… and other gives the upload dialogue

(Rachel Raybould) #1155

Have you tried messaging staff members in the community if they could help you as they are very helpful. Monzo can use other logos other than Twitter at the moment as far as I am aware.

(Hugh Wells) #1156

We do this behind the scenes :slight_smile: Twitter logos are cached and we can now add and cache non-Twitter logos on our end. Sadly, putting this app would complicate things: would we just have a box to stick a logo image URL? Would we have an upload dialogue which is super annoying as you have to download the logo first? I guess the best option would be some kind of dropdown selection but it wouldn’t have everything!

Something to think about how we scale in the future :+1:

(Kieren) #1157

Yea I understand it would be a hard thing to do and your drop down solution seems the best idea tbh. If you did provide an option with “alternative user provided images” I would suggest using image URL, that way the user just copies the files URL to clipboard and pastes it into the app - that elevates the annoying downloading of the image to the users phone tht you mentioned.


The future?! This system needs work sooner rather than later.

For shops without logos, could you allow us to use the phone camera to take a photo of the store front/signage?

(#savetheseabass) #1159

How would a whole shop front look on a tiny icon? Seems pointless


There are several shops like this already - you take a photo of the shop’s signage

(Nick) #1161

The exisiting ones are going to be ‘authorised’ pictures pulled from the merchant’s Twitter account.

User-submitted photos would be ‘unauthorised’ and may not reflect how the merchant wishes their branding to be seen.

(Nathan Steer) #1162

Like this


My employer is the same as where I shop. Now my salary looks like a refund from the shop. It also keeps getting tagged automatically as Groceries. :persevere:

Edit: I feel like it’s probably been grouped in the same merchant group now. It was a separate thing in the past. A problem worth solving?

A visible salary/income tag of some sort would be cool, too

(Herp Derp) #1164

What is really winding me up about this whole thing is the fact that the difference between Uber and Uber Eats still can not be resolved and that for some reason Monzo think that Office 365 is a Merchant when it is not Microsoft is.

I either have O365 show up or Microsoft show up on my feed, how does that help me when I want to see how much I have spent?

Oh and I have it set for recurring payment but today it came through as E2hjbskuy2 so yeah I didn’t see that coming.

(Thomas Horne) #1165

All Wetherspoons app transactions are currently showing up as “Cerdic” with the correct JD Wetherspoons logo.


The fact that the Wetherspoon app merchant has the small logo really annoys me.

(Nathan Steer) #1167

Hah, so they are :joy:

(Rachel Raybould) #1168

If you want that changed message in the app as no one doing the Merchant Reviews will understand what’s wrong with the logo if not.


Any idea if it’s possible to combine the logos of two merchants, but keep the merchants themselves separate?

ie: give all JD Wetherspoon pubs + JD Wetherspoon app transactions + JD Wetherspoon refunds the same logo, which changes automatically for all of them if it’s changed, but keep them as separate merchants?

Basically, I’ve found out that the logo for one of my Wetherspoon pubs has a high quality logo which fills the whole logo space in the Monzo app. The one on the JD Wetherspoon website appears to have a border like the current in-app logo for the JD Wetherspoon app merchant profile. I’d like to update my various other JD Wetherspoon transactions (pubs, app, refunds) to use the high quality logo which fills the whole logo space in the Monzo app.

(Rachel Raybould) #1170

Not as far as I know. When they got rid of there twitter that’s when it became a problem.