Merchant Data Corrections

(Only available in amateur ) #828

Thank you, looks much better :heart:

(Rachel Raybould) #829

Leave it to me and I can sort it!

(Charlie) #830

Also to be a pain:

Frankie and Bennys is coming up as restaurant group when you pay in person.

Then Chiquitos is coming up as frankie and bennies when you pay by their website…

Fire jacks, Frankies and Chiquito are part of the restaurant group and when you pay your bill online it shares the same name but when you pay in person at the restaurant then it actually should say the brand name

(Rachel Raybould) #831

Okay send them in.

(Tom) #832

@RachelRaybould on fire today! :fire::fire:

(Charlie) #833

alsooooo, could we have the ability to switch to satellite view when moving the pin of a merchant… it’s kind of hard to determine exactly where somewhere is when google doesn’t recognise it as a building and You can’t see a difference between the road and buildings :disappointed:

(Charlie) #834

The map doesn’t seem to load for this place either… only this place though so I can’t pinpoint it with a marker

(Rachel Raybould) #835

I will have a speak with some people and let you know.


Recently bought a Lenovo laptop online, and (now they’ve shipped it) it comes through as Dri Lenovo with the correct logo.
The store in the UK is run by Digital River, but it’s found at, so I don’t know what name makes the most sense in terms of what it should be in the feed. From my point of view, I think it should say Lenovo, but I don’t know if Digital River use the same merchant ID for other things


Contactless on Stagecoach buses probably needs locking with a generic logo. Seems to be cycling through all the various location specific logos :joy:

(Rachel Raybould) #838

Hi send it in with generic logo and I will lock it. Thanks

(Rachel Raybould) #839

Send it in and I will have a look.


Done! :heart:

(Rachel Raybould) #841

Should be done


Looks great, thanks! :ok_hand:


Hey Rachel. Google Drive/Storage has now rebranded as Google One. I’ve found a logo but it has a transparent background, is that ok? I’ll send it through in a sec.

(Rachel Raybould) #844

Yep that is completely fine. Send it over!


If you want a really unnecessary thing to do…

First Bus and First Glasgow have the same logo which is correct. However, the logos are showing as slightly different sizes which is making me twitch. If you get really bored could you maybe have a look?

(Rachel Raybould) #846

Oh no. Send in both and I will have a look. Can you both put under a twitter or logo I can put them both to.


Done :grin: