Merchant Data Corrections

(Rachel Raybould) #848



For some reason the sides of the logo are being clipped - is that fixable? But this really is tinkering around the edges so no worries if not :grin:

(Rachel Raybould) #850

How badly? Is there another logo we could use?


It’s a circular logo - I can have a look and see if there are any visually smaller ones on Twitter, or can probably find a direct image link somewhere which will probably be much bigger than needed?

(Rachel Raybould) #852

If you could that would be amazing and we will keep trying to find the best one for you!

(Jack) #853

Hi Rachel,

Not sure if the Transport for Wales change went through correctly, the merchants in the group are still showing the old Arriva Logo. :see_no_evil:

(Rachel Raybould) #854

Can you send one in please. I think I know what is up.


Have just sent in First Aberdeen logo which looks one of the smallest of ths logos (First use the same logo everywhere so it’s ok to use for Glasgow)

(Rachel Raybould) #856



Wow! That was fast! Looks perfect now :grinning:

(Rachel Raybould) #858

No problem glad it looks good for you now! :hot_coral_heart:


Ok, so a real challenge for you :wink:

Child benefit goes in 4 weekly - 12 digit number followed by -Chb. Every time the final 2 digits of the number change (for me - I’m guessing different people have completely different numbers) Is it possible to create a rule to apply a logo to this?

(Rachel Raybould) #860

I am working on that at the moment. Other merchants have similar issues so I am needing to do a few.


I can’t work out if I envy you your job or not! :grinning: Have fun, and thanks for fixing the bus logos :bouquet:

(Rachel Raybould) #862

No problem!

(Jack) #863

Done :slight_smile:

(Liam) #864

YoYo Wallet has gone awry again today - no logo and on some random street in London. Submitted as name and address change. :ok_hand:

I imagine that the actual location that the app is used at isn’t shared as part of the transaction? If so it probably makes sense for them to come through as online transactions (instead of somewhere unrelated)?

(Rachel Raybould) #865

Yeah send in

(Rachel Raybould) #866

Think I did it?

(Liam) #867

It’s perfect! Thank you so much! :smiley: