Merchant Data Corrections

Zero for me. Over 2 years. Oh well

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Yep sounds weird but Monzo don’t tell you if your request has been rejected or approved or is still pending was my point.

So you could be sat there waiting for it to be updated and they’ve already decided that they’re not going to do it. There’s no communication unfortunately.

I think they should refuse to do logos and tweaks to names for things like “It says J Sainsburys but last week it said Sainsburys”

Obviously if it says the completely wrong merchant then that needs to be changed, but this would help get things fixed that need to be fixed and not worry about things that aren’t worth worrying about.

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I totally agree. This shop I have used approximately 30 times. All of them apart from that entry use the correct data. The one rogue one, instead of being the merchant logo, is a guy taking a selfie!!

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I agree that the whole group shouldn’t flip-flop back and forth - but if one shop is “Sainsburys” and has no merchant logo, and the other shops are “Sainsbury’s” and have the Sainsbury’s logo, they should still fix the odd one out to bring it in line with the rest.

They should, but they clearly aren’t. So if they are going to prioritise, then slightly wrong might have to stay, while they fix really wrong.

(I haven’t reported this)

I reported mine, because it drives me potty having to look at an odd-one-out like that :see_no_evil:

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I have done the one that drives me potty for 3 years !