Smoking category

When custom categories came in with plus I created a special one for smoking.
It’s really helped me understand and quantify exactly what it’s costing me and has helped motivate me to stop.

Think it would be a good thing if monzo could create something like this in the new year, for non fee paying customers, to help support them with any resolutions they make.

I’d flip this round. If the customer categories helped you to give up smoking isn’t that worth the £5 a month fee for Monzo Plus? Is this not just an example of the paid for features being valuable?


I think giving people one extra would be a good taster


Yeah definitely, but from a CSR point of view I think it could be a good look, in the same vein as the gambling block.

But how do you police it as purely resolution/self improvement?

People would just set it as whatever they wanted.

Just call it smoking. Or resolution. Or something like that.

What about people that want to drink less? Or eat less takeaways?

Yeah so make it “resolution” maybe something like this

Without this someone could always repurpose a spare categry…On my starling account I just use the “pets” category for the same purpose (I’ll never use it for anything else, and I know what a pets transaction means for me).

I’m just thinking from a good monzo news story perspective, it’s a nice idea.

Similar vain but what I think would be cool would be a tool that automatically sends a set amount to a pot every day you don’t buy cigarettes.

So you tell it you spend £10 on a pack and smoke a pack a day, it sends you a notification each evening asking if you bought cigarettes and if not it sends the money to a pot.

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It’s a great idea having resolution categories, but you had l can just do this with tags - put #smokes #ciggies #fags #whatever in the notes field and see what you spend.

Not great in Android as the search is rubbish, but that’s a whole other topic.


I think allowing one free custom category could be a good idea to get more Plus sign ups. If people find it useful they’ll be more likely to sign up.

But then Monzo would have to create an advert to tell people this is just one and upgrade to get more. Given the way the other topic is going there would be uproar :grimacing:

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I normally end up buying fuel or like food and drinks if I go to get cigarettes. (Impulse purchase)
It’s how I cope with anxiety and my poor home life so please don’t judge. (barely go through 2 packs a month, tend to get marlboros due to the seal thing stops them going stale)

Also tends to end up on my amex as fuel lol.

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