Tobacco category


Adding ‘tobacco’ as a category would be quite good for smokers to keep track of their habit -

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It would also be a helpful deterrent for us who are trying to give up! :see_no_evil:

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Definitely. I’ve quit more than a year ago and the savings are huge—visualizing them would help a LOT of people :slight_smile:

I’ve cut down around 50%, but it would be nice to see that visually as @lorandm mentioned! :clap:

@Lukeguth1 I actually have a really simple method for quitting (I’ve been smoking for 18 years), but that’s for another thread :slight_smile:

What I can tell you though is that visualizing things (not only cost) is a huge help in becoming more aware of them.

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Please direct message me :slight_smile:

This kind of relatively niche use-case brings up a more general need for custom tags. “Smoking” will only be useful for a minority of people, but loads of people will have something specific or other they want to keep track of.


dont think this should be catogry normaly you buy tobacco with over items.

Custom categories would be good, although I guess in the lond term most users would be cluttered with useless categories -
I think main categories for Drinks and Tobacco would make sense as these are expenses that can be hugely influential on your monthly balance - while ‘groceries’ really are not: you will always need to eat, drink and clean up -
In the meantime I am using notes, and I am cool with it - this is just a suggestion -