Men's grooming products

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for grooming products, more specifically hair gel.

Smear it into your hair. :+1:


:arrow_up: I think this is where I’ve been going wrong :arrow_up:


I guess depends on your hair but I’ve sworn by VO5 Matt Paste for years now - the one in the tall tube as opposed to the more clay like stuff in a little tin.

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Hair gel? Is it 1997?

Get some Shockwaves wet look.


Yes, a pair of hair clippers with a Number 2 attachment.


I can thoroughly recommend some beard oil if anyone needs it…

Any body product with “Paste” on the label gives me the hab-dabs. :flushed:

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I hate the name, but I think the bulldog range are decent and really good value after previously using expensive brands. The fragrances are nice and natrual smelling. I actually use their beard balm in my hair. If you like very light hold that gives a bit of moisture and doesn’t relaly look like you have a product in your hair once dry then it’s great.


I think at the start of the pandemic, someone here recommended Skull Shavers Beast Clippers to shave your own hair. I was months overdue a hair cut and the closure of hairdressers made me think of doing it myself.

I got one and have not looked back since use it for both the top of my head and my beard. I bought the Extra Long Cutting Guards so I could practise using a larger size guard when I first tried it last year in case I made a terrible mistake. It worked well.

Styling products, I use I use Schwarzkopf got2b beach matt matt paste (yes it has the word matt twice). I don’t like a shiny look so this keeps it, well…, matt.

Prefer a number 1. Easier to wash.

I use Superdrug, they’ve just expanded the B for Men range lately an all.

Well yes, you can wash your hair with a flannel then… :wink:

I prefer a bic on my mine, dries instantly when you step out the shower :joy:

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Drawing it on is one way to look more hirsute I guess? 🤷

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