Hair clippers, any recommendation?

Now the barbers are shut I’m looking for some good hair clippers. I usually have a skin fade so will have to forget about that for now. So I want some clippers that I can use on my hair to do a 2 or a 3 all over?


You should not be seeing any family members at the moment unless they live in the same flat that you do

And social distancing means they shouldn’t be within 2 meters of you so unless you’re related to stretch Armstrong then no

Bit hard to social distance within the home when you share a bed with your partner. Not everyone lives alone (not implying you do, I know you don’t) and not everyone has a separate bed for everyone. There are limits to social distancing.

When I used to have clippers, I discovered that buy something midrange and you can’t go wrong. Cheap ones are not always great, and expensive ones don’t really offer anything special.

But as @Rat_au_van says:

So get that number three by all means… but you must do it yourself, @Venomx as I understand you live alone.

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I’m always in close contact to them all year round as they help with my mental health recovery.

If I get some good clippers I might be able to do them myself :+1:t3:

Changed the original post I’ll try and clip on my own


It’s easy - but clean the plug hole afterwards :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

when you get some can we see the results …


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I’ve had a set of Babyliss Smooth Glide clippers designed purely for self-cut, for about 6 years which I’ve used myself almost every single week. Can not fault them in any way - round the ears can be a bit tricky but you get used to it.

Was £20 at the time but I note that it’s discontinued and there appear to be a handful of other designs available from them.

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But not the plug-hole…:flushed:


I shave my head with these, had them for years and they work great. I open blade my head and neck no problems :+1: really comfy to hold as well

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Can you do a 2 or a 3 on them, I don’t want no hair ?

They come with various length guides. Can only say how good they are without them though.

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Wahl magic clip is pretty great. Cordless too

Wahl are a good make. I use Phillips. They cost about £50 four years ago, and I haven’t paid for a haircut since.

Yep - Wahl, Phillips, Remington. None need cost the earth, either.

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Went for these, thanks

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Remington are good, I use a full size clipper with no guard, works a charm.


Got the remington quick cuts and it does a great job of short over

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Glad they work for ya :+1: only let me down once… I forgot to charge them and they gave up half way through… Half a head of hair for an hour or so… Did not look good :joy:

Always charge them!

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