Anyone use skin or hair products from Gruum

As the title says anyone use products from Guurm ?
Used my first one, got a code for a freebie as I’m on Virgin Mobile. They offer a subscription based offer or you can order what you need when you want. I tried the coconut shampoo bar and ordered the gentle moisturiser.

You mean Gruum? :slight_smile:

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Yes I do, no idea how that happened.

Have you used the products? What do you think of them?

I’ve never heard of them until this thread, but I’m deeply interest in a more modern, simpler, and convenient approach to skin care.

The packaging and product design is on point, but the pricing is very cheap which is a red flag to me. I’ve tried a lot of skin and hair care brands over the years, and the experience has taught me that you get what you pay for, and mid-range brands tend to offer the best value:performance/results ratio, with only a few exceptions.

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I use Gruum shaving products which are very good imo. I take your point about price but they are more expensive and in my view better quality than Harry’s; and as they have no middle man (e.g. Boots/Superdrug) this is where the significant cost saving comes from.

Having said that, its quite easy to anticipate you will use more than you actually do than with these subscriptions, so I have quite a lot of spare razor blades as a result! :slight_smile:


I use the shampoo bars and love them.

There’s not much I won’t buy online, but I like to smell my hair products first :rofl: