Meet Jordan!

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

Cryptocurrency entrepreneur and resident celeb, meet product manager @JordanFish! :tropical_fish:

(Brian Hunter) #2

Hi Jordan!

Thanks for swimming for me.

(Terry) #3

Hi Jordan!

Thanks for migrating me over to the Current Account so smoothly!

(Caspar) #4

Jordan has great hair :fire:

(WolfOfMothership) #5

Cobain’s ghost, altcoins god. Hello Jordan!

(Ruth) #6

I loved the Goldenticket. Must be one of the best acquisition loops I have seen in a long time - I caught myself waiting for the appearance of my ticket since I was not clear how it was triggered (by time). To me the restriction of 1 per person made it much more exclusive and triggered another word of mouth loop. It was fun to see in the office - people saw the bright orange card (smart acquisition approach as well) - asked what it was - took a look at the app and then asked around who had a goldenticket… which other people heard…

Looking forward to see how you are going to improve it.


Hi @JordanFish! Interesting that Bea called you the resident celeb. You have more twit followers than t_blom but I couldn’t figure out what the fame is for. There is a keyboardist with same name but the pics look completely different to me, unless you’ve recently undergone a shoreditchoplasty hipster surgery. Any chance of a quick bio?

Also how did you manage to go from a tiny startup begging Monzo to integrate with them in Aug ‘17, to being a key influencer within Monzo within a handful of weeks? What chemistry did you carry out that enabled this conversion from lead to gold (not that dust isn’t a great idea - eagerly awaiting an integration here).

I have more questions but I’ll keep them for your Q&A day when that comes around.

Thanks :blush:

(katt cecil) #8

:wave:t3::raising_hand_woman:t3:‍♀️:raised_hands:t3: Hi Jordan!

(Alex Sherwood) #9

Golden tickets have worked really well so far, but they are also quite restricted: you can only invite one person per ticket, that person has to sign up before you’re given a new one, and you have to wait a while before you’re given your first golden ticket. I’m excited about building a better version that will help us spread the word about Monzo as far and wide as possible!

@JordanFish I’m sure Tom’s talked about the average number of friends that sign up for each Monzo user that joins but I can’t remember where + it would be nice to have an up to date figure. Is there any chance you could share it?

(Jordan Fish) #10

Hey! Sorry for the slow reply, I was away in Aus for a little break. I think the resident celeb is tongue in cheek, I used to play in a really bad emo rock band and we did the old festival/Radio 1 circuit. Some of my friends/peers did much better musically.

If you’re talking about Dust – I actually started Dust about a year ago as a fun side project. Originally I was building it with Plaid in the US. Monzo’s API seemed like a super natural fit for it in the UK implementation.

I am often chatting to people that use Monzo and it’s part of my job to represent those people. What Monzo customers like or dislike is valued incredibly high within Monzo, so I am only influential by association :wink:

Feel free to ask any additional Qs now!

(Jordan Fish) #11

Yeah, when golden tickets return I’ll share how they’re doing!

(Graham Williamson) #12

Tries to find music by Proxies that wasn’t released in the 80s.

1 song with Sean Smith featured. Hmmm will have to give it a listen. Oh yeah, welcome @JordanFish