McDonalds Rewards

Now i need to get 15 coffees not 5 for my free one

If only they did this through lockdown I’d be rich :joy:

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I used to like rinsing the free coffees by buying cheap ones and then redeeming fancy ones. That won’t work with points. :sob:

Those sheets of stickers off ebay :eyes: I think everyone knows about those so it’s probably why they did it :sweat_smile:


I’ve had it around 7 months ish. They’ve trailed it at selected locations for almost a year now. I’ve got around 14k points since in October they had triple points on the app plus if you place a order under 600cal you got a bonus 1k points.

When we had the little ones over we even gained the points on delivery orders.

I’m saving them up to get everyone a free meal.

If you play your cards right and just rip off the card on the McDonald’s cup (do they still have these? I don’t get coffee) and give it to the person in the drive thru with no stickers there’s a high chance theyll just give you one for free.

Back when I worked in McDonalds if you were nice and you did this I gave you a freebie if you were mean I said “Where are the stickers :rage:


They took the physical stickers and cards off about a year ago, made it in-app only.

Really? Ebay is still full of them.

Are they honouring old ones then?

I dont know why as Mcd stopped tacking them a year ago

Ooops maybe thats why they stopped the paper cards my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be there’s some branches not checking that closely/caring? But I redeemed the last of my cards last June, iirc.

You’ve just quoted my Costa strategy, plus my own cup :joy::joy: