Maximum transfer limit?

I noticed a thread on Starling community re: maximum transaction amounts with Mastercard.

Apparently, transfers of over £1000 in a single transaction cannot be transferred using Starling.

Does anyone know if this also applies to Monzo? In other words, is this a Starling thing or a MasterCard thing?

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to expand on that…while some users report that, recent posts in the thread from other users say they have done transactions above £1,000! :woman_shrugging:

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In the app under account settings are your account limits. If you need anything beyond that you must speak to customer support first. All banks have these limits some higher then others. It’s just to combat fraud.


Yep! All limits can be found in (Account > Settings > Spending limits). :raised_hands:


are Starlings spending / transfer limits displayed anywhere ? I cant find them, but you maybe know better than me where they might be , or do you just have to wait until you hit them before getting a declined transaction because you’re over them ?
If some are getting differing limits to transactions is it an arbitrary limit ?

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i can not see them displayed and assume different customers have different limits. not sure if they are fixed or fluid and constantly changing due to an algorythm looking at your changing transaction pattern

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I too cannot find the Starling limits.


“while some users report that, recent posts in the thread from other users say they have done transactions above £1,000!”

presumably on transfers over 1000 people have funds to cover it , why would you try to transfer more than you have in your account - unless you do it mistakenly :slight_smile: - seems to be quite low limits - for some - if you have more than the amount in the account that you want to transfer

maybe its down to Liquidity and overdraft offerings/risks ? :slight_smile:

I have 10K daily transaction limit in Monzo - so its presumably not a MasterCard limit - does anybody have differing limits - lol not that I have that much in my Monzo :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and obviously wouldn’t be allowed to transfer more than my account balance

I couldn’t find them. Another +1 for Monzo.

Everyone who has a full current account has the same limits :raised_hands:


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