Material You icon broken [Android]

Issue: Material You icon broken in May 4th update

Details to reproduce: Look at the app icon from the homescreen
OS: Android 13
Device: Pixel 7 Pro
App Version: 5.23.0


Can you clarify what the problem is here? The icon shows, it looks ok from your screenshot. What is a “Material You” Icon?

The icon was and should be themed like the others next to it, Spotify, WhatsApp etc. On Android 13, you can have app icons themed with a system colour. This was working as expected until today, it’s gone back to it’s default style.

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That was a feature request. Monzo added support for the feature. This is a bug report about the feature no longer working as intended for this user.


With discussion about it not working now and a reply from a staff member.


Thanks for clarifying. I just put that as not everyone might know what Material You is or why it was broken, but I can see you’ve tagged android (which I missed) so I put it in the header too

Just to say. This does use the themed icon if you change the icon to any other icon found within the Monzo settings. It’s just the default icon that is now no longer themed.


Thanks for the work around! :slight_smile: