Add support for the new Android 12 Material You themed icons

Supported app icons will change with the theme of the OS.

Considering the requests for icons that are ignored, I’d say your chances of this happening are less than zero.


Doesn’t look like any non-Google apps support this yet, going by the examples in the screenshot.

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Considering that they still haven’t bothered to update the annoying blue border on the BLM icon on iOS, I give this a -1/10 chance

How many android themes are there? How many icons would they need to design?

You’re right - they don’t. Only apps which follow the new ‘Material You’ theming guidelines change with the theme/wallpaper - of which Google’s own apps will undoubtedly be the first, and seem to be already.

They do look good though. But they only just kicked in with Beta 3 which was released last night, so devs will have a bit of work (unsure how much) to include them in their app packages. They’ll start changing over though - there’s one more Android beta (4) to drop in August, so probably most icons will have been changed by devs by the public release of Android 12 in (?)October(?)

Monzo currently has 7 icons to make Material You compatible, and - as far as Android goes - those 7 icons appear in several directories to serve the particular resolution of the device being used. So there’s quite a number of icon files to change but I’m taking a stab that the corresponding .xml files need to be updated for each instead of the icon files? There’s only one .xml file per icon type, so 7 files to change?







Black Culture

A typical .xml file (example below for the Default icon) from the :monzo: app looks like:

  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  • <vector android:height=“159.0dip” android:width=“176.0dip” android:viewportWidth=“176.0” android:viewportHeight=“159.0”
  • xmlns:android=“”>
  • <path android:fillColor="#ffe44d60" android:pathData="M176,115.596C176,117.757 175.142,119.83 173.613,121.358L137.116,157.854C135.843,159.126 133.778,159.125 132.506,157.852C131.896,157.241 131.552,156.412 131.552,155.548L131.552,73.771L175.494,30.078L176,30.078L176,115.596Z" android:strokeColor="#00000000" android:strokeWidth="1.0" android:fillType="evenOdd" />
  • <path android:fillColor="#ffe4bd7a" android:pathData="M146.877,0.955C145.604,-0.318 143.54,-0.318 142.267,0.955L88,55.225L87.249,55.225L87.249,116.473L88.002,118.081L131.554,74.526L176,30.079L146.877,0.955Z" android:strokeColor="#00000000" android:strokeWidth="1.0" android:fillType="evenOdd" />
  • <path android:fillColor="#ff1c798a" android:pathData="M-0,115.596C-0,117.757 0.859,119.83 2.388,121.358L38.883,157.854C40.156,159.126 42.221,159.125 43.493,157.852C44.104,157.241 44.446,156.412 44.447,155.548L44.447,73.771L0.508,30.078L-0,30.078L-0,115.596Z" android:strokeColor="#00000000" android:strokeWidth="1.0" android:fillType="evenOdd" />
  • <path android:fillColor="#ff77b691" android:pathData="M33.733,0.955C32.461,-0.318 30.396,-0.318 29.123,0.955L0,30.079L44.447,74.526L88,118.079L88,55.225L33.733,0.955Z" android:strokeColor="#00000000" android:strokeWidth="1.0" android:fillType="evenOdd" />
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What blue border? Mine doesn’t have anything like that…?

The horrible blue border that doesn’t even look centered


Just one. The icon is the same but the colour changes dynamically with the theme of the device.

Yes your correct. I may have jumped the gun on this one as apparently the documentation for this feature has not yet been released to developers hence why it seems nobody are yet to implement it into their apps yet. It is coming though so the request is still valid.

Nearly 200 votes, a year later and not a word. So I don’t think you have much chance unfortunately.

Nope. Odd.


TIL that this bug only affects the Monzo icon chooser screen. When applied to the app, the home screen icon looks fine!

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Given that the full version of Android 12 is still 3 months from release, this feels a little premature. I’m sure Google will be issuing the correct guidelines soon.

And I say that as someone that has been on the Android 12 Beta for 2 months now already.