Add support for Android 13's Material You

With Android 13, app developers can add support to allow their app to be themed to match the rest of the OS. Can this please be added for Monzo?

Currently, the app stands out on my home screen…


Did it happen for 12?


Ha. That’s my old post. Sadly, with Android 12 icons could only be themed by Google themselves. With Android 13 they added the ability for app developers to support themed icons. To answer the question though, no it’s still not done. Yes, you can change the icon from within the app but this is dynamic in that when you change your wallpaper the icons also change their icons to match, which is a different feature.


There are several possible icons available from the Monzo app. I have 6 available.

I guess the right thing to do would be to make the ‘Default’ icon themeable with Material You and keep all others as they are.

Yes. That would work.


Would love to see this. Currently, Monzo is the last one to support it on my homescreen!

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Completely agree, and it seems like it’s an easy change to implement. Several big apps have already done it (WhatsApp, Signal, American Express, Pinterest, Spotify).

Would love to see Monzo do the same

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