Match my spending on nonsense


I think there should be an option to match spending on particular things and add this to your savings. For example, every time you spend money at Costa, you have to put the same amount into your savings also.

It’s something I’ve been doing recently to stop wasting money and I think it might be a good feature to control bad spending habits.


I’m fairly sure you can do this with IFTTT.

Ah I haven’t heard of this - maybe we don’t have it in the UK?

Yeah it’s available. Annoyingly, I think you have to pay a monthly fee to IFTTT now though. :disappointed:

Yep, pretty sure IFTTT is the tool for that sort of function, but you’ll be pleased to know it’s free to use. There is a “Pro” subscription version, though…

After 3 applets you have to pay, but how they work out what is what is a bit weird.