MasterCard, MasterCard Debit or MasterCard PrePaid?

(Stuart Cameron) #1

Not sure which category this goes in…

I was just booking some flights with RyanAir and during the checkout process it asked me if my card was a MasterCard, MasterCard Debit or a MasterCard PrePaid. The first and last option incurred a £1 fee. Naturally I tried if the MasterCard Debit option would work with no fee and it did.

Is there any reason behind this?

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hmmm, that’s an interesting one! I don’t know why they would charge extra for a prepaid Mastercard, because it is a debit card…

(Stuart Cameron) #3

@tristan RyanAir jsut trying make some more money?

(Rob Frain) #4

About to try this now… did the flight and everything go ok? Looks like Ill be paying in Euros - hopefully no extra charges for this?!

(Stuart Cameron) #5

Yeah, everything worked fine. Booked multiple flights with them now like this and no issues at all. It charged me in £.

(Rob Frain) #6

Fantastic!! I think I even saved some money by paying in Euros!!! Fantastic!

(Stuart Cameron) #7

How did you get it to charge you in €’s?


I think you can only do it if you’re outward flight isn’t from the UK

(Daniel Vivar) #9

I just tried several times with both “MasterCard Debit” and “MasterCard PrePaid” (the no fee ones) and it didn’t work. It said declined but I know it’s not declined because Monzo would have told me (as it does with any other service) so I know it’s Ryanair trying to rip me off and force me into using just Mastercard which incurred a €1.16. I rejected the exchange rate (of course) but isn’t it curious enough that the fee is just the cost of £1 in € at the time?
What the hell is going on? I know it’s not Monzo’s fault but what’s definitely true is that a Monzo card doesn’t provide the “debit” logo, which means that although eventually is debit technically is just “Mastercard”… Oh well.

(Manuel) #10

Hello Monzo Community,

This same issue happened to me today. With me it only worked when choose Mastercard, rather than Masterdard Debit or Prepaid. This means I get added to the total purchase a card fee.

I contacted your support chat who suggested me to raise this question again here to see if it was possible for you to confirm with Ryanair their screening criteria of card codes.