Master transaction feed (current account + pots combined)

It would be great if there was a master feed that showed you all transactions (with an indicator as to where they came from) in one single feed rather than needing to go into individual feeds.


5th of May
Pets At Home - £40 (Current Current Account)
Gas - £100 (House Bill Pot)

2nd of May
Electricity - £45 (House Bill Pot)
Macdonalds - £9.99 (Current Current Account)
Sky - £50 (Entertainment Pot)

27th of April
Amazon - £79 (Subscription Pot)
Netflix - £9.99 - (Entertainment Pot)

The only this missing currently is what’s spent on virtual cards isn’t it?

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Chase provide this, under their “All Activity” header on the home page.

Don’t Monzo provide this through their double entry of transactions from designated pots though?

Virtual cards from pots don’t get double entered into the main account unfortunately, yuo have to check the pot directly

I assume this is because the cards link to a pot or the current account so transactions are shown in these feeds.