Mark expenses as paid

(Ross Hammond) #1

Would be great to have the ability to mark an expense as “paid” using the app.

Then the expenses text could turn green and have a :white_check_mark: next to it maybe?

(Rika Raybould) #2

Something like this?

If freeform transaction tagging gets added (lots of references to it), could implement this by adding a #paid tag to transactions in the expenses category and looking for that.

(James Billingham) #3

There has been a lot of pushback from Mondo’s designers on the tagging.

(Rika Raybould) #4

And I can see why, tagging can be difficult to get right. Get it right and power users or 3rd party applications can very quickly filter items with simple but powerful queries. Get it wrong and you waste significant amounts of time on meaningless data.

Anime imageboards are a great example of tagging done very right. I can very quickly return the exact images I’m looking for by using an agreed set of tags (with aliasing).

It doesn’t have to be too complicated but being able to search for things like “(category:)expenses -paid”, possibly with natural language search like “unpaid expenses in the last month” (maybe resulting in bots like Microsoft was showing off at Build) would quickly make Mondo incredibly powerful and allow for great insights in to spending along with some interesting experiences (“Alexa, ask Mondo how much I’ve spent on domains this year.”).

Making tagging look beautiful and getting consistent tags is another question though.

(James Billingham) #5

The main issue they’ve raised is the confusion caused by transactions having multiple tags (or categories) and the fact that queries for the total amount spent on tags won’t add up against the total amount spent.

(Rika Raybould) #6

Ah, yes. Tagging would not work like that. It would need to be in addition to major categories. Used in isolated queries, not where you want everything to add up to total spent.

(Ross Hammond) #7

@RichardR this kind of visualisation is exactly what I mean. Just handy at a glance to see which ones have been paid. A feature like this would be great.

(ole) #8

Great idea Ross! Marking transactions as an expense is just the first step in a loop that is closed once you get refunded by your company / employer. It has all the time been our intention to offer the tools to make sure that you get your expenses paid. We just haven’t got around to do it… yet :slight_smile:

Whether we’ll use tags or not is too early to say, but hopefully we can find a process that is more automated than manual.