Swipe transaction entry right to tag as business expense

(rich) #1

Add the ability on the main screen to drag each transaction line to the right to tag it as a business expense (see Apple Mail or Google Inbox for similar behaviours).

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Amazing, that’s exactly something that we have already designed (on both app and notification levels) and ready to build as soon as our busy roadmap allows it.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion though, great minds think alike :slight_smile:

(rich) #3

Excellent! I thought about asking for it on the notification too - didn’t want to appear greedy :wink:

Anyway, great work, look forward to seeing it in action.

(Ross) #4

This looks great,

Would be a worthy addition to the app

(Tom ) #5

On expenses - I’d quite like it to not affect my Spend Today or monthly totals. I know I’m getting it back so it’s a zero spend.

OR when you’re a bank and my expenses are paid into my Mondo account, it zeros off.