Many sites down?

Many sites seem to be down. The Guardian, Reddit, parts of Spotify and a lot of others. What is going on?

Interesting, perhaps another Amazon AWS style service has gone down for a bit.

Wonder who’s at fault this time!


Fastly error: unknown domain:

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Must be AWS somewhere. This will also explain why eBay is half loading for me!

These are down for everyone, we’ve had a number of complaints. As above, the bottleneck this time is Fastly it would seem.

Quite a few getting a spike in down notifications.

Haha, love that the link doesn’t work!


This maybe more info?

Is this how Skynet starts? :eyes:


It appears that it was an issue with Fastly. Seems seem to be working as normal again Websites begin to work again after major breakage - BBC News

Yeah everything seems to be working again - panic over I believe :thinking:

The Guardian’s top story is now The Guardian (and others) having an outage:

A bit meta :wink:


From @SouthseaOne 's link:

As well as bringing down some websites entirely, the failure also broke specific sections of other services, such as the servers for Twitter that host the social network’s emojis.

I don’t know why but the idea of having a separate server to store your emoji’s really tickle me.

I do love the little peek behind the curtain when The Internet breaks though, how there’s maybe a handful of businesses and services that can just break the entire internet.

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Anyone else finding the forum really slow to load this afternoon?

Yes, very

Maybe if they store the emojis elsewhere it would help

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Other discourse forums are going slow today too, not isolated to this place.

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