Wobbly internet

Cloudflare is apparently having issues and it feels like half the internet is broken. :grimacing:


Ah explains why it’s so many random places

I restarted my router and everything. Then I searched Twitter for ‘Internet’. :sweat_smile:

(It seems mostly back to normal now).

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Great… spent 45 mins messing about… :rofl:

This explains why my IFTTT is suddenly broken despite it working earlier! @BritishLibrary! :rofl:


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Are you sure you didn’t break it? Too many spreadsheet pot moves!


Did you have one for “if Cell Updates then Break internet for Everyone”?!


=Sumif(ForumPostsA:A,">2000",ComplaintsA:A,">1997",“Remove Server”,"")


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I have about 50 websites (still!) affected at the moment :grimacing: :grimacing: if I transferred the services to AWS it would take at least 6 hours to propagate so there’s not really much point… good ol’ cloud!

Made me sleep and stop browsing 4chan.

Thanks cloudflare

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