Manual bank account connection as option in Other Accounts

I would like to manage my complete balance/portfolio in one place and Monzo would be perfect for this.

The issue I have is that some of my money is held in accounts that Monzo does not support (or probably more accurately, those accounts do not support open banking APIs).

This could be ‘solved’ if Monzo gave the option of adding a manual/offline account connection. E.g. I could select this, call it “NS&I Premium Bonds” and manually give it a balance and a date of that balance. I could tap into it whenever I want and update the balance and balance date.

This could also be used for

  • Investment accounts like AJ Bell, Vanguard
  • Cash under the mattress, if you’re into that kind of thing
  • Money you’re expecting to get but don’t have right now and want to track
  • Any credit agreements as a negative balance (like PCP, personal loan, store credit cards, etc)
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