Manchester Metrolink: Pay as you go with contactless

Manchester Metrolink have introduced a contactless system, finally

You can now travel by tram with contactless cards and devices using the smart readers

Travel all day and we’ll work out the total fares for your day’s journeys for you, making it even easier to get around on Metrolink. You will be charged the adult single and 1-day travelcard prices.

You’ll never pay more than the daily cap

The stops where you touch-in and touch-out will show us the zone(s) you have travelled through. From £1.40 for a short hop up to £7 for a 1-day anytime travelcard (or £4.80 off-peak) for all zones, as long as you remember to touch-in and touch-out at the start and end of each journey, you won’t pay any more!

The choice is yours

All the current ways to pay will still be available and may offer better value if you qualify for a discount or if you buy 7-day, 28-day or annual tickets.

Naturally I had to try my Monzo card to see if it works :sunglasses:

I imagine eventually Monzo will display information about the fare being taken once it’s settled etc like they do for London:


So happy we’ve finally got this. Took far too long for something London has had for YEARS


On the other hand, you might get lucky!

Don’t be holding your breath, though

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Omg, finally! Sad I won’t get to test this out anytime soon :weary:

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I’m off into that Manchester at the weekend so I’m quite looking forward to tapping-in and tapping-out.

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