Manchester Airport Drop Off

Found my monzo card wouldn’t work in the drop off exit machine at Manchester airport today. Not sure if it was just my card or the machine.
Anyone else successfully used their card there?

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I could do with knowing this as I’m going to be picking someone up from manchester airport next week, and I suspect it’ll be the same system…

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I was there just before Christmas and isn’t the drop off area free? or am I getting confused with the drop off for the new park and ride thingy?

The machine you use for arrivals is fine. I used the one inside the terminal :slight_smile:

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I think you’re confusing it with the park & ride system. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, not had chance to try my card on it – do they offer contactless? If so, Apple Pay might work etc.

Yeah I think I am too :smiley:

If the ones in arrivals work then surely they’re all the same system/company so it should work :man_shrugging:

There used to be a free drop of bit but they now charge.
Kept putting my card in and it said remove card.
Might of been the machine as contactless wouldn’t work either.

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Yeah sorry I was getting confused.

They have built a new “Park and ride” drop off to compensate and that’s what I used. You can drop people off for free and the bus comes every 15 minutes to take people to the terminal for free as well.


my card didn’t work last week in terminal 3 multi story car park, it went through on the app and then instantly refunded it.

This was contactless , I just used a different card and didn’t try chip and pin.

@Ordog do you mind saying what it said in your app where I’ve circled in my screenshot

It was before Christmas and I coincidentally can’t find it now haha :see_no_evil:

I’m 99% certain that I used my Monzo card because at that time I’d closed my only other account… I think :flushed:

Perhaps to be safe, see what other peoples experiences are and you can then ignore me if it turns out I was wrong :sleepy:

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Worked fine for me Screenshot_20190118-021821_Monzo

Must of been the machine then.

Just going through history worked fine in Feb 2018 as well

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I’ve had the same problem with Drop Off at Man airport. Tried both contact less and chip&pin. Card not recognised, so used another card.
No problems paying for car parking with Monzo in the terminals, so clearly a problem with theirDrop Off payment system.

Did it show up as declined in the app?

No, nothing in the app, the transaction therefore didn’t get as far as
Monzo. Card not recognised/accepted. I can’t remember the exact words as
it was stupid o’clock in the morning.

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