Manage your money together with joint accounts!

(Sean) #287

On Android I can add notes to transfers with the joint account inbound and outbound.


Yup, one of the few areas where the Android app has an advantage over the iOS version :smile:

(Andy) #289

You can also do it via the API. The functionality is there it was just never built in to the iOS app. Monzo are aware of it so hopefully we’ll get this :soon:


So so good news! Would you consider in the future an option to get rid of the personal account to declutter things for people who want to have only the joint one ?

(Alex) #291

Urgh I guess that’s slightly hopeful?

It just weirds me out that stuff like this, which seems to be to be the crux of the app - actually being able to manage and categorise and track everything you do, is missing in places still. Joint account and any and all bank transfers.

(Emily Jones) #292

There seems to an issue with the integration with Yolt. Pots are counted under both sole and joint accounts. Not an issue with Emma, which I have started using. I reported this in the original feedback thread when joint accounts were still in Labs. Is anything being done about this?

(Marcel Ruhf) #293

Given that you are only seeing this with Yolt and not with Emma, I would expect Yolt to be the only ones with the power to fix this.

(Emily Jones) #294

Thanks. I did email Yolt and they told me to speak to Monzo so I’ve approached it from both sides. Thought Monzo would have an interest in fixing it.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #295

Both sides would be inclined to work on the integration if there was high enough demand from users. I’d suggest that you start your own topic (so it doesn’t get lost in this one) and see if you can rally enough people for your cause :slight_smile:

(Reu) #296

Any insight on when we can have pots for the joint accounts?

(Andy) #297

The last that Monzo said was likely to be in the new year but didn’t rule out before the end of the year if they found capacity to do it

(Dan) #298

Monzo just published a blog post here.

They say they hope to create joint pots before the end of the year :tada:


Just a couple of other things I forgot from the list.

  • Coin Jar

Is there any news on these two features? I’m especially interested in the IFTTT support.

A lot of these items are what separates Monzo from the high street banks but JA users are missing out.

Is it safe assume that when new features are added to Monzo in the future that they will be available to both JA and single account users from the start so we don’t continuously end up in this situation?

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #300

Interest on savings is coming imminently and Monzo have said that this will only be in pots. I can’t see that they will launch interest on only single accounts as this will cause uproar! I expect pots for joint accounts and interest in savings to come together.

(Only available in amateur ) #301

It’ll be a while longer before pots for joint accounts

(Andy) #302

As @Rat_au_van says I don’t think we’ll see joint pots before interest bearing ones. That’s not really how Monzo do things and they’ve said that the entire pots platform needs rebuilt

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #303


(MikeF) #304

Echoing what the others have said, I really don’t see pots with interest being delayed until the pots infrastructure can be rebuilt to support joint accounts. Tying the two artificially together like that would quite likely create more issues than it solves.

(Micky) #305

I was pretty impressed by the speed joint accounts were released but then joint pots has been a real disappointment. I’m having to transfer back and forward between my Barclays account because I have saving accounts I use as pots with them. I don’t use the pots on my personal account because my wife needs visibility and access to the money

(Tom) #306

This is exactly the issue I have. I’m trying to move away from our Lloyds joint account so that my wife can access our savings/pots/whatever you want to call it.