Manage Tabs Upgrades

Thought I’d share these tweaks to the pot manage tab that I thought are very nice quality of life upgrades, if they’ve been around for a while and I’ve just missed them then apologies.

The bills pots add left to pay amount is brilliant!

Just makes Bills Pots even better!


On testflight and dont have these just yet. Wondering is tied in as part of the slow rollout of new pay from virtual card.

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Could be i guess, especially as the first screen has the new section for VC’s attached to the pot

Wow yeah this is lovely. Much clearer than previously!

Need to get some scheduled stuff set up with a virtual card and see if that can now be picked up here :thinking:

Edit: think that’s my question answered! Clicked on upcoming then the little ‘i’ next to ‘left to pay’.

Missed capitalisation though!


To start with I thought this was your concept idea!

Very good, I like!



I was just posting ‘looks like iOS is catching up with Android’ - as ‘Left-to-pay’ has been on Android since Bills pots launched.

But then the usual Android display just changed to group things together from the manage tab and now it too looks like the grabs above. While this has fixed the annoying ‘scroll-up-down-to-actaully-see-the-Left-to-pay-entry’ bug, it means another tap to get to the list of payments, but I can live with one extra tap - the screen is now far more informative.

Good job :monzo: team :+1:




Well knock me down with a feather - the list of scheduled payments in the Bills pot ‘upcoming’/‘Scheduled payments’ is now in proper chronological order too.

A good day today. Progress.


I’m not seeing this yet on Android :pensive:

I have the pay a virtual card from a pot thingy though.

Yh, the things is though, if you try to add a card subscriptions like you would a DD you get the following message:

Pay for Disney Plus from this Pot using a virtual card
You can pay for subscriptions and one-off purchases from Pots using virtual cards, Exclusive to Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium.

If this is Monzo’s final answer to paying subscriptions from pots then I am a bit disappointed in Monzo even though I am a Plustomer. I don’t like this being paywalled at all. I might be wrong but it says to me that Monzo have caught up with other banks and worked out how to pick out Subscriptions/CPA’s from transactions, something which they previously said on here couldn’t be done but are using VC’s to hide it behind a paywall.

After how much of a requested feature this has been and what a big selling point Bills Pots are for Monzo, this seem like a low blow.

I hope i’m wrong and some form of subscription management arrives for free customers

Yeah its not really pay from pot its more pay from “secondary account” which has a virtual card attached as opposed to a physical card.

Which dont get me wrong is pretty cool and will get lots if people to upgrade to plus for but isnt the true pay from pot i was expecting.

I wonder how this works then for distinguishing subscriptions that were set up on your CA card and paid from this pit or for subscriptions that were set up with the new Virtual Card

Yh but the screenshot @Alexxxxx posted above twinned with the message in the app that I shared implies that your left to pay figure on your bills pots will include subsccriptions that come from that pot via a virtual card, which if is true, gives paying customers the subscription control they’ve been asking for albeit via virtual cards.

You can’t set a subscription up on your ca card and pay it from the pot. that’s the point

Very nicely designed page


This looks amazing.

If you tap on upcoming or left to pay can you see the full list?

I don’t think that monzo are able to do this. I think they can just assign all transactions form a virtual card to a specific pot.


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Yes thats what i mean though sorry, so effectively what this will do is move the existing subscription to work on a virtual card as opposed to the main card if im not mistaken?

If you’ve marked it as recurring it gives you the option to create a card and add it to the pot

Yes but won’t all other transactions made on that card also be paid from that pot, regardless on whether they are recurring or not?

Yes the card had a source of funds ie pot

I see your point if you have recurring and occasional transactions from the same place