Malware in banks

A new Kaspersky report talks about at least 140 banks (including some in the UK):

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Article is a bit vague, but I’m always interested in this stuff (I’m not a fan of kaspersky though). I wonder what risks it poses for us, end users. Probably most important and lame question is ‘can they steal my money?!!?!’.
Sooo, can they steal my money from my normal bank? :anguished:

Monzo wise, I wonder how Monzo’s new infrastructure is susceptible to those attacks? I can easily imagine how old banks are, seems easy, but what’s the impact of Monzo’s new, shiny code and newer technologies?

The press article is vague but when you click their link to the report it is based upon this goes into more detail.

Code hides in the memory - Windows registry. No malware files on hard drive. ‘Invisible’ to security whitelists. Lack of malware artefacts making detection and investigation difficult

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Ha, missed that, thanks!

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