New to Monzo and online banking

Hi all, i am new to online banking and have joined Monzo just this week but have jumped in with both feet and am going to use it as my main account (although keeping my other account open just incase).
I have a question about security, is it safe to use the Monzo app when on wifi at work or say a hotel wifi network or is it recommended to use a VPN app?

I believe it is as safe as any banking app

If in the unlikely event the app was compromised your money would be safe and Monzo would refund it

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I would always suggest using a VPN on a shared network, but it’s just as safe as any legacy banks app.

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WireCutter just did a review of VPNs that may help you choose the best.m if you need/want one.

I use on my devices to add extra layer of security. Either way, you’ll be safe with the Monzo app.

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I personally just turn off the WiFi for a few mins while i go on banking etc , but it can be annoying signing back into the WiFi often.

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Not sure how it works but doesn’t the need to enter your pin or biometric when moving money out of the account help prevent this being an issue?

I genuinely dont know thats why i thought i would ask, its just that if im abroad on holiday, mobile data can be expensive and im not sure i can trust hotel/public wifi.

Best recommendation I could give is to have 2 factor authentication on your email. They need your email to hijack your account

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2FA should be the default for any account :+1:

Mobile banking apps should be encrypted on the phone and decrypted by the banks server. The authentication (pin/biometric) will be encrypted on your phone and decrypted by the bank, but some other things might not be.

The £85,000 FSCS is if a bank goes to the wall - not to cover fraud/the app as such

2FA on email, PIN/Face/fingerprint to unlock phone and PIN/Fingerprint Auth to move money from Monzo account is a very secure setup. Not 100% secure - you’d do anything with a gun pointing at your head - but along with encrypted data exchange from phone to server is as secure as it gets. I am comfortable with it.


You’re fine. All communication is Https so it’s encrypted between you and the server


I was referring to the event that all apps were compromised and all money withdrawn

If something has gone wrong with Monzo’s app/security, then it would be for Monzo to refund its customers - even if the amount in question was over £85,000.

The FSCS only kicks in if a bank has collapsed

They are two separate issues - though one might lead to another.

My point was if the app was completely compromised and all money withdrawn. Monzo would collapse but your money would still be safe up to the limit

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