Business expense system

Hi this is my first time posting

Was just think about how much of a pain it is for claiming expenses back at my work, this is what I have todo

Have to keep the vat receipt.
Get back to the office fill out our spreadsheet (I’m sure that there are better ways but we use a spreadsheet)

And be poor until finance decide to pay you the money you spent while working ‘very hard’ in a different city :wink:

I reckon if mondo was to create almost like a business account that can have many cards(charge cards) attached to the account. With maybe a web console for finance. The user can use the in built features of mondo to upload the receipt. This way you are not spending you own money and wont be poor until payday or finance to pay you back

Or we could with everyone gets a card that they have to top up and the user saves the receipts then finance can see the transaction and pay them back immediately.

I know it’s probably still a little bit too early to be thinking of stuff like this but might be worth as a new project down the line!

Let me know your thoughts


Didn’t read fully as I’m a few ciders in but business accounts aren’t happening unfortunately.

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While business accounts are not planned by Monzo you can look at Tide for small firms and Coconut for sole traders


Oh, that sucks :unamused:

Tide has the same major shareholders backing it as Monzo

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Just looked at tide looks quite interesting, thanks for the heads up!

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Once the Android app catches up with the IOS app, it should be possible to create a CSV file and then to transfer those items from your Monzo account that you mark as “expenses” into your work spreadsheet.