Making Monzo Better: The Big List

(Saul Luesley) #62

Ooh what about splitting scheduled payments out of my total spend for the day?

(Huzaifah) #63

Quick question for Monzo staff.

Will Monzo be appreciative and understanding of people who do NOT want to accept interest on payments?

As a Muslim, I do not, and will never partake in earning or giving money in the form of interest, and being one of maybe 4,000,000 Muslims in the UK, I doubt that I am the only one.


(Huzaifah) #64

I also think that within the next three months, Monzo will have overtaken starling easily, in terms of functionality, (and customer support is already better).

So we’ll done to all the Monzo engineers and staff in general for their hard work until now, and over the next three months!

(Dan) #65

I’m sure someone from Monzo can clarify, but to me, from the blog post it sounds like they will be giving the ability to create a new type of a pot that offers interest, but your main balance, and all other pots will not be affected. So it’ll be completely optional.

I only assume this because they they use the worlds “create a Pot”, so only one. I could totally be reading that wrong, though.


From what I’ve seen so far they want to only offer interests on savings pots; so presumably when creating a pot you’d be able to select whether you want to earn interest on it.


Yes it does

(Adam Kendrew) #68

I hope this will be included under the payee management section. Will this be included in the new system you’re working on @kieranmch? :eyes:

(Mark) #69

Fair play Monzo. These are alot of the things that I have been championing. Great to see that most of them are happening and SOON.

“Missing the basics” is key for me. Hopefully there are a lot of SMALL changes too done well as they are often the things that make the BIG difference. Often more than the headline grabbing updates. App user experience has to be improved and updated - amongst other things at the minute my scheduled payments looks horrific and the app feels very limited with little or no editing/personalisation options.

(Jonas Templestein) #70

Earning interest will definitely be optional :slight_smile:

Interest on Pots

Yes, they can give it to me if they don’t want it :wink:

(James Murray-Ferris) #72

Why exclusively you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I want the extra pennies!

(Jai Sullivan) #73

Thanks Peter - will wait to hear from you!

(Stephen Spencer) #74

@Hjeewa it might be worth cross-referencing with this recentish thread: Islamic Banking 🕌 where there’s some positive chat including good noises from Monzo staff about exploring keeping accounts optionally compliant

(Andy) #75

The list is incredible, if they deliver on this roadmap then they’ll be separating from the pack nicely.

Is it just me or is slightly deflating to see everything in a roadmap, I hope they continue with occasional surprises!

(Gareth) #76

Early next year, we’ll be able to let you scan cheques from within the Monzo app and get them paid directly into your account.

Oooh :slight_smile:

If you need to withdraw large amounts of cash or send a large bank transfer, just drop us a message through in-app chat. Please do this in advance of your transaction to give us time to review your account!

How about an in-app prompt ^ if you try to transfer above your limit? (Maybe it does this? haven’t tried)

Everything else

OMG Monzo are listening!

(Simon B) #77

This isn’t everything :blush:

(Tim Banting) #78


Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.

Bye bye Starling- it was fun but it seems breaking up isn’t the hardest thing to do…


(Rob) #79

What a list. A pin, interest and joint accounts will allow me get rid of my legacy joint account

(Rob) #80

Monzo, Any plans to offer a credit card?


What a fantastic update. I’m back on board the :monzo: train