Making Monzo Better - Emergency interface

(Ben Baker) #1

Hey All,

Long time Monzo’er, first time poster.

I wanted to share a little design project I cracked out the other night.

After reading through the " Making Monzo Better - The Big List" Blog post; One post took my attention!

"Basic web interface for emergencies
Sometimes the unthinkable happens and you lose your card and your phone. You can call us anytime to freeze your card and order a new one, but being able to do it yourself is even better.

We’re building a basic web version of Monzo for emergencies, through which you’ll be able to see your most recent transactions and take steps to freeze or block your card. An early version will be coming in the next month."

[^^ I love/d the idea]

So, after reading it i gave myself the evening to design 3 mock up designs for the Emergency Web interface.
(context - Im teaching myself UI/UX design.)

You can check it out below.

Home v0.1:

Block v0.1:

Freeze v0.1:

Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Updated: Took all your comments on board, Let me know what you think…:call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4:

Home v0.2:

Block v0.2:

Frozen v0.2



I feel like way too much space is wasted on that “card” header. Maybe the balance and pulse graph should be part of the navbar, and more space should be dedicated to the transactions list.

(Tom ) #3

Good work Ben! I’m a fan.

(Ben Baker) #4

Hey Rjevski,

Can you elaborate?

Are you talking about putting the Balance /Spent, Profile pic in the Nav bar? and brining the Trans list up by say a third?

Appreciate the the feedback. :+1:t4:


Yep. And then the transactions are too cramped underneath. Either you go for the modern trend with lots of wasted space white space, or your make use of the available space. But this seems like a combination of wasting space in the top half, then making up for it in the bottom half :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community Ben, or at least welcome to posting, it’s great to have you here :beers:

I love the mockup you have made, and one day hope it will come, either from an official website or through the public API. That being said, I don’t think we will get anything as fully powered as that this year. I could (and hope) I’m wrong.

I feel Monzo would do well to hire you too :heart_eyes:

(#savetheseabass) #7

I like it because it’s pretty true to the app.

I get what people are saying about the transactions but it’s the same number as I see on the app. Maybe bring it up to 10 lines of transactions underneath as on a big screen that’s a lot of room taken up top with relatively little information


You are right,there is a lot of space wasted in the app as well :rofl:

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one :innocent:

(Ben Baker) #9

Awesome feedback guys, and I see what you mean ref the Trans and Card.

Im working on V0.2 now. I think I was thinking more about the UX of the page being more focused on Freezing or blocking the card.

So the Transaction data wouldn’t be a main focus as such, and you could scroll through it to see previous trans. but i guess this constitutes as Ux research too :joy:

Will have V0.2 up shortly.

(thanks for the really warm welcome all :D)


That really is all a web interface would need in my eyes, at least as an emergency. Grab a mates phone, get on the website, login and freeze/block your card.

A full web interface would be sweet though, don’t get me wrong :blush:

(James Murray-Ferris) #11


Nice designs but the header above the transactions is way to large. I would say you’ve looked at the phone interface and tried to replicate instead of thinking about the fact you have loads more screen real estate.

Personally I’m imaging a 2 column format so account details, pulse and list of cards and maybe pots on a small left column and then transactions right and iconography for settings next to the account card (bearing in mind joint accounts aren’t on their way) and a settings screen would over ride the transactions list to do actions like freeze and unfreeze


Authentication will be interesting. Guess email, pin and some security questions? I think it needs be super simple and the they can have a separate web interface for the transaction related stuff if needed.

(Ben Baker) #13

Hey all - Updated the design but can only show 3 pics at a time so had to delete V1.

Let me know your thoughts.

I’d try to do a comparison but guess i have to wait until im not new. (unless someone has that Admin hook up :wink:)


Email would be sufficient I think since it’s read-only access. I would be against asking users to enter their PIN on the web, given there’s always going to be someone who will try to login on an untrusted computer (library, etc) and there goes their PIN.


Email by itself won’t work for emergency access, you want to confirm user is who they say they are. Then let the user freeze their card etc. Even read acccess via email isn’t a good idea.


I agree, but email is all that’s needed for access to the account via the app, so I think that they’ll likely judge it to be sufficient for the web…


Oh you mean the email link. Kind of okay but I suspect most people have 2 factor auth and losing your phone probably means you can’t get the code quick enough in a emergency, so guess you’d still need a alternative method of authenticating. It’ll be good to see what Monzo come up with though.


I don’t think so. 2fa adoption is very low indeed!


Edit : and the general consensus seems to be that Google has higher 2fa adoption rates than the rest of the industry, but I have no sources for that.


Cool. Guess early adopters it’s higher. In any event you kind of have to consider a whole range of people…

(Ray Singh) #20

Everything looks great, thanks for sharing this @Bbmoney. The only thing I wanted to see spaced out/more colourful was the transaction list. I felt too much white space on the left and right handside of transactions! Other than that, it’s awesome! :ok_hand::blush: